Greece, 2019, 8 min, West Coast Premiere - NOT IN COMPETITION

Category: Documentaries
Director(s): Anton Leach, Jasmine Duthie
Writer(s): Jasmine Duthie
Producer(s): Anton Leach, Jasmine Duthie
Cast: Anastasia Miliou, Thodoris Tsimpidis


The first-of-its-kind refuge with a gold-standard veterinary clinic and rehabilitation centre where dolphins, turtles and seals in need, including dolphins from closing marine parks, can receive long-term rehabilitative care in a natural environment. Archipelagos lnstitute of Marine Conservation presents an introduction to the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary currently under construction on the Greek island of Lipsi.

Anton Leach and Jasmine Duthie, travel the world, capturing character-driven, animal-based stories of transformation. From sea-turtles hatching in Greece to tigers rescued from Gaza, in just 5 years, Clawed Hat Films has directed and produced content in over 20 countries. Their original footage has been broadcast by National Geographic, Discovery, BBC, Al Jazeera, iTV, ABC, ZD

  • 2020 World Whale Film Festival – Best Heroic Act of Environmental Stewardship

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