Thursday, June 2

10th annual Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

Thursday, June 2, 4:00 pm

Greece, 2015, 55 min, World Premiere


Director: Simoni Zafeiropoulou
Writer: Katerina Zafeiropoulou
Producer:Simoni Zafeiropoulou
Cast: Katerina Zafeiropoulou

Following Fileas Fogg on his Voyage Around the World, with the main purpose to see how a teenager perceives the world, what interests or challenges her. A perception of the world, without a strict travel plan but trying more to catch the magic of the unexpected.

USA, 2015, 15 min, World Premiere


Director/Writer: Alexi Papalexopoulos
Producer: Alexi Papalexopoulos, Jen Coccimiglio, Mark Sandhoff
Cast: Rob Healy, Diana Gettinger, Arianna Papalexopoulos, William Armando

Twin Flame is a story about brief encounters. Told through the scope of an Uber driver in San Francisco, the piece highlights an intimate night between two strangers who come together unexpectedly.

Greece, 2015, 20 min, North American Premiere

Director: Takis Papanastasiou
Writer: Takis Papanastasiou
Producer: Alexandra Boussiou
Cast: Eleni Boukli, Nikolas Hanakoulas, Haris Fragoulis, Hara Ioannou

In black and white Athens, Nikos falls in love with Louise. However, love is a hard thing. Love doesnʼt forgive anyone innocent.

USA, 2016, 6 min, World Premiere


Director/Writer: Dimitris Tzoytzoyrakos
Producers: Dimitris and Yorgo Tzoytzoyrakos
Cast: Katherine Derflinger, Anastassia Tzoytzoyrakos (narrator)

A girl struggles to find the purpose behind letters she writes to strangers who may never read them.

Greece, 2015, 6 min


Director/Writer: Michael Felanis
Producer: Dreampix Productions, Thespina Music
Cast: Thespina Patrona-Danezi, Marios Drossos

Melpomene was forced to leave behind the dreams of her youth and embark into uncharted lands, where she discovers an illustration of God’s redemptive declaration. When we see our world falling apart, at the end of a prayer is a new beginning. God’s grace redeems and restores what was once lost.

*2016 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival
*2016 California International Film Festival
*2016 Christian Film Festival – Best Music Video, Best Musician


Thursday, June 2, 4:00 pm

Presented by Athens International Culinary Film Festival
THE BELLIES (Les Ventres)
France, 2009, 17 min, LA premiere


Director/Writer: Philippe Grammaticopoulos
Producer: Jean-Jacques Benhamou

In a very industrialized world, where humans only eat transgenic food, some plates make for surprising dishes…

*2009 The Hyde Tube Festival : Mr.Hyde Best Short Film Prize ;•
*2009 Animatu – International Digital Animation Festival : RTP2 – Onda Curta Award
*2009 Villeurbanne Short Film Festival : Best 2D/3D Creation Prize “128 Meg@ d’Art”
*2009 Cinanima – Espinho International Animated Film Festival : RTP2 – Onda Curta Award
*2009 Vendôme Film Festival : Young People Prize
*2010 Brooklyn International Film Festival : Audience Award
*2010 CICDAF – China International Animation and Digital Arts Festival : Jury Special Prize
*2010 AnimAnima International Animation Festival : Festival Grand Prix
*2010 RICA – Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma d’Animation : Best Scenario Prize
*2011 La Fila Short Film Festival : Best Animation Prize
*2012 The World Festival of Animated Film : Varna Award
*2014 Le Dédé fait son ciné : Special Mention « Coup de Coeur »

Greece, 2015, 5 min, LA Premiere


Director/Writer: Thomas Thoma
Producer: Juiting Fan
Cast: Effie & Elaine Karatassos, Tommy Sarioglou

A riot policeman encounters a demented old woman who attempts to spoon-feed him from an empty pot.

* 38th Drama Short Film Festival – Best Student Film Award
* 2015 Atlanta Film Festival Mostly Independent – Best Cinematography Award
* 2015 Misfit Film Festival
* 2015 NYC Independent Film Fest
* 2015 The Soul 4 Reel Film Festival

Greece, 2014, 5 min, North American Premiere


Director/Animator: Padelis Paradisis

Two hungry customers find themselves at a restaurant. The meal served there as well as the following events will go far beyond their expectations

*2014 Animasyros, Syros
*2014 Festimation, Montana
*2014 Istanbul Animation Festival
*2014 Libélula Animation Festival, Barcelona
*2015 Artfool, International cinematography festival, Larissa
*2015 Athens Anifest
*2015 Balkan Food and Film Festival – Best Animation

Greece, 2013, 8 min , North American Premiere


Director/Writer: Thanasis Tsimpinis
Produced: George Chorevas, Despoina Sifniadou, FeelMe Productions
Cast: Nancy Boukli, Michele Valley, Thanos Tsakalidis

A girl, locked in a room, creates a magical portal to escape reality using her imagination, a stuffed rabbit and a diamond. Back to reality, her domineering mother makes a birthday cake for her.

* Athens International Film Festival – Honorable Mention
* France Video Art Festival Strangloscope
* Brazil Videoforma Film Festival
* Russia Aesthetica Short Film Festival
* UK Shnit International Short Film Festival
* Switzerland European Short Film Festival
* FILME, Greece Festival miden – Best Video Art, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design
* Greece VIS Vienna Independent Shorts
* Austria Athens International Film Festival
* Gastronomy Days

FARMING ON CRISIS? (Georgia Stin Krisi;)
Greece, 2013, 20 min


Director: Haris Donias
Writer: Pavlos Georgiadis
Producers: Pavlos Georgiadis
Cast: Pavlos Georgiadis

The untold story; of the Greek countryside. A journey across the crisis-stricken country of the European south, uncovering the stories of young farmers and the prospects for revamping the economy through sustainable rural development

* 2012 ArcLight Film Festival – Best Short Doc
* 2013 Corte e Fieno
* 2013 Rural Film Festival – Selected Audience Award

BUTTER BUNNY AND HIS GRAPE MUST COOKIES (Ta Moustokouloura tou Agisilaou)
Greece, 2014, 23 min, North American Premiere


Director: Giorgos Nikopoulos
Writer: Dimitris Baslam
Producer: Dimitris Baslam, Ktima Gerovasiliou

Mr Butter Bunny was a famous chef. The most famous one in the hole forest. One day he decides to cook his girlfriend’s favorite, grape must cookies! He goes into his kitchen and collects the ingredients … Water, cinnamon, sugar, olive oil, flour, must … Must …. Must?

* 2015 AnimaSyros
* 2015 BeThere! Corfu Animation Festival


Thursday, June 2, 6:00 pm

THE LONGEST RUN (O Pio Makris Dromos)
Greece, 2015, 77 min, North American Premiere


Director/Writer: Marianna Economou
Producer: Spiros Mavrogenis, Marianna Economou

Jasim and Alsaleh are underage refugees who came from Syria and Iraq and ended up in a Greek prison accused of smuggling illegal immigrants. With unique access in the juvenile prison and court room, the film follows the two friends closely while in custody, during the trial and after the verdict through a narrative of suspense which reveals how youngsters are forced to transport migrants across the border to Greece while the smugglers stay behind and continue their job uninterrupted.

* 2015 Dok Leipzig – Honorable Mention International Competition
* 2016 Docpoint IDF Helsinki
* 2016 One World Human Rights Film Festival Prague
* 2016 Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival
* 2016 DocsBarcelona International Documentary Festival

HEAR ME OUT (Akouse Me)
Greece, 2014, 20 min, North American Premiere


Director: Andronikos–Konstantinos Dimopoulos
Writer: Katerina Pipergia
Producers: Andronikos-Konstantinos Dimopoulos, Dragan Nikolic, Ira Klapadaki, Kyriakos Gikas
Cast: Konstantinos Giannakopoulos, Syrmo Keke, Girogos Dotsios

He does not express his feelings when psychological violence and pressure are exerted on him. Inevitably, he ends up causing more violence to his immediate environment.

*2014 Drama International Short Film Festival
*2014 Athens International Film Festival
*2015 Mykonos Biennale – Best Short Film


Thursday, June 2, 6:30 pm

Greece, 1971, 92 min, LA Premiere


Director/Writer: Alexis Damianos
Producer: Artemis Kapasakali
Cast: Maria Vasiliou, Giorgos Koutouzis, Koula Agagiotou, Christos Zorbas

A prostitute (Evdokia) meets a sergeant (Yorgos). They fall in love and get married after a short love affair. Her profession, however, is a barrier for their relationship. They try to stay together and overcome their inner conflicts, but the social environment crushes them.

*1971, Thessaloniki International Film Festival – Best Actress Award


Thursday, June 2, 8:00 pm

Greece, 2015, 105 min


Director/Writer: Athina Rachel Tsangari
Writers: Efthymis Filipou, Athina Rachel Tsangari
Producers: Maria Hatzakou, Christos V. Konstantakopoulos
Cast: Giannis Drakopoulos, Kostas Filipoglou, Yiorgos Kendros, Panos Koronis, Vangelis Mourikis, Nikos Orphanos, Makis Papadimitriou, Yorgos Pirpassopoulos, Sakis Rouvas

Six men play a game during a sailing trip on the Aegean Sea. At the end of the journey, when the game is over, the man who wins will be the best man. And he will wear on his smallest finger the victory ring: the Chevalier

* 2016 International Film Festival Rotterdam
* 2016 Goteborg International Film Festival
* 2016 South by Southwest Film Festival
* 2015 Locarno Film Festival
* 2015 Sarajevo Film Festival
* 2015 Toronto Film Festival
* 2015 Vancouver International Film Festival
* 2015 Hamburg Film Festival
* 2015 New York Film Festival

Cyprus, 2015, 13 min


Director/Writer: Myrsini Aristidou
Producer: Reinaldo Green, Christina Drakos, Paris Aristides
Cast: Yiannis Stankoglou, Vasiliki Kokkoliadi

Semele will do anything to spend some time with her long absent father. A school note becomes just the excuse for her to visit him at his workplace, where her presence highlights their fragile relationship.

* 2015 Toronto International Film Festival
* 2016 Berlinale Generation Kplus – Best Short Film (Jury Prize)
* 2016 Tribeca Film Festival
* 2016 Aspen Shortsfest


Thursday, June 2, 8:30 pm

Greece, 2016, 86 min, North American Premiere


Director: Andreas Lampropoulos, Kostas Skyftas
Writer: Kostas Skyftas, Andreas Moutsinas
Producers: Terry Dougas, Paris Kassidokostas-Latsis & Konstantinos Moutsinas
Cast: Apostolis Totsikas, Evgenia Dimitropoulou, Tassos Nousias, Konstantinos Markoulakis,
Theodore Atherides, Manos Gavras, Nikos Orphanos, Nikos Kouris, Irene Balta and Yorgos Karamihos

In this ticking clock action-thriller, a courier’s last delivery of the day may also be the last day of his life. Strapped with explosives, he must fight for his life while trying to solve a mystery involving both his family and a criminal empire.

* 2015 Athens International Film Festival
* 2015 Argo Film Festival

Australia, Greece, 2016, 20 min


Director/Writer: Antonis Tsonis
Producers: Tia Spanos Tsonis, Panagiotis Fafoutis, Wayne Blair
Cast: Panos Natsis, Yannis Papadopoulous, Daphne Ioakimidou-Patakia

When his best friend Ari shares tragic news about his battle with cancer, unemployed and desperate to help, Leon secretly decides to become a criminal to pay for the treatments. Against the backdrop of contemporary Athens, Leon’s actions to save his best friend have irreversible consequences.

*2016 IndieFest Film Awards – Award of Excellence
*58th Rochester International Film Festival – Shoestring Trophy
*49th World Fest-Houston International Film Festival – Remi Award
*2016 Accolade Global Film Competition – Award of Excellence Special Mention
*2016 The Magnolia Independent Film Festival – Ron Tibbett Award for Excellence in Film
*2016 London International Film Festival of World Cinema
*2016 Los Angeles Indie Festival
*2016 New York City Independent Film Festival
*2016 Ferrara Film Festival