These events are free to attend. Please reserve a seat through the links indicated bellow.

THE GREEN LINE – VR Documentary, 7’
Wednesday, June 5 / 5:30-7:00
Thursday, June 6 / 5:30-9:00
Friday, June 7 / 5:00-8:00
Saturday, June 8 / 3:30-6:30 & 8:00-9:30
At The Egyptian Theatre Lounge

The film documents areas of the UN Buffer Zone in Cyprus, some unseen by the public since 1963 The Green Line immerses viewers into one of the most restricted places on the planet, in an effort to raise international awareness for the current political situation in Cyprus, a nation divided since 1974. Escorted by UN convoy, the team filmed what remains of the abandoned villages of Selemani, Varisheia, and the abandoned Nicosia International Airport.

Directors: Ioannis Bekiaris, Alexis Mavros

Producers: Stelios Aletraris, Ioannis Bekiaris, Stavros Charalambous, Dimitrios Ikonomou, Alexis Mavros

Narrative in VR: Opportunities and Challenges

Thursday, June 6, Spielberg Screening Room at the Egyptian, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

The panel will focus on the narrative opportunities that VR and new technologies present to filmmakers, the challenges of taking advantage of these new storytelling tools and how to embrace this medium and make it relevant to today. Join us on this 360° journey along with working professionals on the field such as Filmmakers Stelios Aletaris and Ioannis Bekiaris, USC Professor Vangelis Lympouridis, and Filmmaker/ Producer Alethea Avramis.




Independent Film Financing, Distribution and the Importance of IP (Intellectual Property)

Friday June 7, Spielberg Screening Room at the Egyptian, 6:00 PM  – 7:30 PM

Join us for a discussion on independent film financing, the secrets behind distribution in all its current platforms and get to know the importance of Intellectual Property from the copyright and trademark to the privacy and publicity rights. Learn from the diverse range of industry experiences by Christopher Kikis, Chris Charalambous, Krysanne Katsoolis, Douglas Lowell and Christian Meoli.