14th Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

October 1-15, 2020


Greece, 2019, 8 min, West Coast Premiere - NOT IN COMPETITION

Category: Documentaries
Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary Film Still
Director(s): Anton Leach, Jasmine Duthie
Writer(s): Jasmine Duthie
Producer(s): Anton Leach, Jasmine Duthie
Cast: Anastasia Miliou, Thodoris Tsimpidis

Info: The first-of-its-kind refuge with a gold-standard veterinary clinic and rehabilitation centre where dolphins, turtles and seals in need, including dolphins from closing marine parks, can receive long-term rehabilitative care in a natural environment. Archipelagos lnstitute of Marine Conservation presents an introduction to the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary currently under construction on the Greek […]

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Greece/Germany, 2020, 90 min, North American Premiere, Available for streaming in North America Only

Category: Documentaries
Agora II Chained Film Still
Director(s): Yorgos Avgeropoulos
Writer(s): Yorgos Avgeropoulos
Producer(s): Yorgos Avgeropoulos, Anastasia Skoubri
Cast: Alexis Tsipras, Yianis Varoufakis

After the euro and the refugee crises, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic was, for Europe, the third crisis in a row. Chained narrates the five-year story of three successive crises in Europe, having Greece in its epicenter. Starting from 2015, acclaimed filmmaker Yorgos Avgeropoulos witnesses the euro crisis – having unprecedented and exclusive behind-the-scenes […]

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Greece, 2019, 52 min, LA Premiere

Category: Documentaries
Akra Film Still
Director(s): Dimitra Babadima
Writer(s): Dimitra Babadima
Producer(s): Meletis Vaxevanidis, Dimitra Babadima
Cast: Alexandros Zygouris, Spyros Chrisikopoulos

With his dream to put Kastellorizo, the easternmost island of Europe, back on the Greekmap, Spyros Chrysikopoulos, an ultra swimmer falls into the sea to swim140 kilometers, a distance that seems impossible to the common mind. Dimitra Babadima was born in Athens, studied Film & Tv Directing and fell in love with it. Her student […]

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AS FAR AS THE SEA (Mechri Ti Thalassa)

Greece, 2019, 108 min, North American Premiere

Category: Documentaries
As Far As the Sea Film Still
Director(s): Marco Gastine
Writer(s): Marco Gastine
Producer(s): Marco Gastine, Eleni Chandrinou, Alexandre Cornu

Victims of serious accidents are hospitalized at the Rehabilitation unit of a major Athenian hospital. Supported by the hospital staff, their families, and ward-mates they try very hard to regain their previous abilities. For several months, they struggle daily, to re-learn basic gestures. Some will regain all their faculties. Others, due to the seriousness of […]

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Greece, 2018, 15 min - DOCUMENTARY

Category: Documentaries
Blessings and Vows Film Still
Director(s): Katerina Zacharia
Writer(s): Katerina Zacharia
Producer(s): Katerina Zacharia, Executive Producer: Sharon E. J. Gerstel
Cast: Metaxia Anaplioti

An octogenarian villager, Mrs. Metaxia Anaplioti, kept her vow for 40 years, lighting a candle daily at the 11th-century Byzantine church of Hagioi Theodoroi in Vamvaka, Mani, in Southern Greece. The continuity of customs must be protected much like the territory the church was originally built to protect. A sense of historical continuity is sustained […]

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Cyprus, 2019, 18 min, West Coast Premiere

Category: Documentaries
I Tony Film Still
Director(s): Argyro Nicolaou, Margaux Fitoussi
Producer(s): Argyro Nicolaou, Minos Papas, Jake Alden Falconer, Margaux Fitoussi
Cast: Tony Moussoulides, Dimitris Chimonas

Tony Moussoulides, once a famous fashion photographer in Swinging Sixties London, and now 85, dreams of creating a Hollywood-style movie based on his career. With the help of two female filmmakers, Tony reenacts—and directs—scenes from his life, including a photoshoot with Andy Warhol and a meeting with John Huston. Tensions mount as Tony’s artistic vision […]

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USA, 2019, 42 min, World Premiere - DOCUMENTARY

Category: Documentaries
Kefi Film Still
Director(s): Patti Testerman
Writer(s): Patti Testerman
Producer(s): Peter E. Preovolos, Patti Testerman, Glenn Burris

Passions run high in interviews about an annual competition that brings thousands of Greek kids together on the West Coast for a weekend of folk dancing. Dance footage, music by renowned musicians, and vintage photos and clips are all part of the story about leadership, faith, and keeping traditions alive. Patti is an award-winning copywriter […]

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LABYRYINTH (Lavyrinthos)

Greece, 2019, 75 min, North American Premiere

Category: Documentaries
Labyrinth Film Still
Director(s): Dimitri Athanitis
Writer(s): Dimitri Athanitis
Producer(s): DNA films
Cast: Costas Kazanas

In the heart of Athens, there is another city. A hidden city. Α city living for almost a century and more under the artificial light of neon. It is the labyrinth of arcades.

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Australia, 2019, 45 min, World Premiere - NOT IN COMPETITION

Category: Documentaries
My Greek Odyssey Movie Still
Director(s): Alexander Begetis
Writer(s): David Byrne, Peter Maneas
Producer(s): Peter Maneas
Cast: Peter Maneas

The most significant recent discoveries of marine archaeology-an astonishing find of 58 ancient shipwrecks in the archipelago of Fourni. A landmark documentary series that sees host Peter Maneas unravelling the rich story of the planet’s most historic destinations, Greek Islands. Travelling aboard his boat “Mia Zoi” – ‘OneLife’, Peter explores the diverse history and culture […]

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ROMANIOTES, THE GREEK JEWS OF IOANNINA (Romaniotes, Oi Ellines Evraioi Ton Ioanninon)

Greece, 2019, 67 min, West Coast Premiere

Category: Documentaries
Romaniotes Film Still
Director(s): Stylianos Tatakis, Agnes Sklavou
Writer(s): Agnes Sklavou
Producer(s): Stylianos Tatakis, Cosmote TV
Cast: Moses Elisaf, Raphael Moissis

Romaniotes, the distinct Greek-Jewish community of the city of Ioannina, with customs and traditions different from the Sephardic and Ashkenazis. Even today, for more than 1.000 years, since the Byzantine era, they have been an integral part of the multicultural mosaic of the city of Ioannina, although it was in danger of extinction during World […]

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United States, 2019, 70 min - DOCUMENTARY

Category: Documentaries
The New Greek Americans Film Still
Director(s): Anna Giannotis
Writer(s): Anna Giannotis
Producer(s): Antonia Lianos, Shelly Papadopoulos, Harry Ratner, Zoye Marino Fidler
Cast: Olympia Dukakis

The story begins with Greek Americans during the ‘60s embracing these changing times despite their conservative upbringings. Each decade influences the Greek community with events such as the Invasion of Cyprus and the nomination of Michael S. Dukakis for President of the United States. Heartfelt and humorous stories are also shared reflecting “Growing up Greek.”  Second […]

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United States, 2020, 57 min, World Premiere - DOCUMENTARY

Category: Documentaries
The Woodern Heart Film Still
Director(s): Chris Emmanouilides
Writer(s): Chris Emmanouilides
Producer(s): Chris Emmanouilides

The selling of a family home after 53 years in Southern California inspires an intimate and emotional journey through immigration, the American Dream, and the deeply shared human experience of letting go. Reflecting on the objects, documents, memories, and images that made up a family’s life during the zenith of post-war prosperity and optimism, The Wooden […]

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Greece, 2019, 53 min, US Premiere

Category: Documentaries
Tied Film Still
Director(s): Tassos Morfis
Producer(s): Tassos Morfis

TIED is the story of an unknown modern labor struggle from the innermost depths of the Greek maritime industry. A country near bankruptcy. A maritime company in financial collapse. TIED captures the struggle of 320 unpaid seamen of the Lesvos Shipping Company in 2015. With many trapped in the company’s vessels in Drapetsona and away […]

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United Kingdom, 2018, 15 min, North American Premiere

Category: Documentaries
Wax and Feathers Still
Director(s): Marios Lizides
Writer(s): Marios Lizides
Producer(s): Marios Lizides
Cast: Andreas Kyriakides, Kyriaki Lizidou, Soteroula Lizidou, Stephanie Ioannou, Marios Lizides

Even though dad passed away thirty years ago, the last time I saw him was one year ago, in a dream I had. This film is a metaphysical conversation with an apparition, a construct of dreams and memories that raises questions of identity, memory, and existence.

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Y1-SILENCE OF THE DEEP (Υ1-Sti siopi tou Vithou)

Greece, 2019, 93 min, US Premiere

Category: Documentaries
Silence of the Deep Film Still
Director(s): Philippos Vardakas
Writer(s): Magda Georgiadou
Producer(s): Stelios Efstathopoulos

WW II,14.09.1943: The legendary Greek Submarine “Y1-L. Katsonis” sank north of the island of Skiathos by German submarine chaser. 75 years later we film for the first time the submarine at a depth of 253m, presenting the human stories that are woven around it

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