What We Do



Now in its fifth edition, IPDF is a Los Angeles pioneer in the promotion of Balkan independent film development. Utilizing the innumerable resources that exist in Los Angeles, we aim to create a bridge between two very different worlds – the American Independent Film and the Greek/Balkan Independent Film.

We look for films that have an original approach, made by independent producers and filmmakers that have a unique voice. The stage of development of the selected projects varies from inspiring and promising scripts in an early stage, that we want to nurture through their journey, to more advanced projects in the financing stage that we connect with producers, distributors, sales agents and programmers that can actively support the film. We want to create a circle of collaborators who share the same vision – a network of creative professionals from Greece, the Balkans and the US that share the same idea of how they want to make films.

The Forum includes a development lab only for IPDF selected Filmmakers and a series of roundtables that are free and open to the public.

Our goal is not only to promote Greek and Balkan filmmakers by helping strong, local stories with international appeal get told, but we also want to create an occasion for a true and lively exchange between European and American cinema. We provide a venue where dialogue is encouraged and creative collaborations are formed.