Orpheus Awards 2017

Named for the legendary Greek poet and “father of songs”, the Orpheus Award is the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival’s annual prize intended to honor the best in Greek and Greek inspired cinema. Since the Festival’s inception in 2007 the awards night has become an integral event serving to highlight the art and artists who are changing the way we think about film. The award itself was designed and sculpted by Greek artist Miltos Papastergiou. Papastergiou, who studied under Yannis Pappas, attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris and has regularly presented his work in both Athens and Larissa.


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Past Orpheus Award Juries have included producers, directors, noted film critics, and award-winning actors including: Bill Krohn (Film Critic, Cahiers du Cinema), Lane Kneedler (Programming Consultant), Michael Economou (USC), Gary Mairs (CalArts), Chantal Chauzy (Strand Releasing), Stratton Leopold (Producer), Joan Churchill (Director/Cinematographer), Steven Peros (Screenwriter), and Mike Goodridge (Film Critic, Screen International).