13th Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

June 3-9, 2019

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6:15 PM | RIGLER

PAUSE (Pafsi)

Greece-Cyprus, 2018, 96 min, LA Premiere

June 6, 2019 6:15 pm
Rigler Theater - Egyptian

pause still frame
Director(s): Tonia Mishiali
Writer(s): Tonia Mishiali, Anna Fotiadou
Producer(s): Andros Achilleos, Stelana Kliris, Tonia Mishiali
Cast: Stela Fyrogeni, Andreas Vassiliou, Popi Avraam

In a desperate attempt to escape from the misery of a loveless marriage, Elpida finds refuge in a fantasy world of vindictive violence. Soon, reality and fantasy start to blur.

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Cyprus, 2017, 25 min, North American Premiere

June 6, 2019 6:15 pm
Rigler Theater - Egyptian

quidnunc still
Director(s): Harry Ayiotis
Writer(s): Harry Ayiotis
Producer(s): Louis Patsias
Cast: Niovi Charalambous, Marios Mettis, Skevi Papamiltiadous

A mentally ill Melanie is determined to end her life whilst staying in a desolate hotel.  A woman’s cry for help from the room next door prompts Melanie to pause her suicide plan and investigate the disturbance.

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8:30 PM | RIGLER


United States, 2018, 103 min, LA Premiere, Documentary

June 6, 2019 8:30 pm
Rigler Theater - Egyptian

olympia still
Director(s): Harry Mavromichalis
Writer(s): Harry Mavromichalis, Sam Eggers
Producer(s): Sid Ganis, Anthoula Katsimatides, Muriel Moraes, Harry Mavromichalis, Andrew Ford, Keren Seol, Pamela Spyrs
Cinematography: John Ryan Johnson, Federico Cesca
Editor(s): Sam Eggers, Andrew Ford
Music: Paul Cantelon, Alexia Vassiliou
Cast: Olympia Dukakis, Lynn Cohen, Whoopi Goldberg, Laura Linney, Austin Pendleton, Ed Asner, Lainie Kazan, Louie Zorich, Apollo Dukakis

This revealing and unfiltered documentary follows the life and career of Academy Award-winning actress, Olympia Dukakis. This film deals with the struggles and pains surrounding identity and the roles. A deeply moving narrative explores not only Olympia’s rich and storied career  but also her struggle to find a sense of belonging between her American values and the values of her immigrant parents.

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United States, 2018, 11 min, LA Premiere

June 6, 2019 8:30 pm
Rigler Theater - Egyptian

segur still
Director(s): Jeff Johnson
Writer(s): Jeff Johnson, Jeff Robison
Producer(s): Jeff Johnson, Jeff Robison, Drew Fuller
Cast: Apollo Dukakis

A man quietly lives each day following the same routine until one day he meets a woman who brings new meaning into his life.

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United States, 2018, 85 min, West Coast Premiere

June 6, 2019 8:30 pm
Spielberg Theatre - Egyptian

epiphany still
Director(s): Koula Sossiadis Kazista, Katina Sossiadis
Writer(s): Koula Sossiadis Kazista, Katina Sossiadis
Producer(s): Koula Sossiadis Kazista, Jane Kelly Kosek, Penny Edmiston
Cinematography: Alice Gu
Editor(s): Ryan Murphy, Soojin Chung
Music: Nuno Malo
Cast: Alex Dimitriades, Caitlin Carmichael, George Georgiou, Scottie Thompson, Burt Young

Epiphany follows the story of Luka desperate to connect with her negligent father in a Greek sponge diving town in Florida. While also struggling in her relationship to her pill-addicted uncle, Luka befriends an older man and slowly uncovers her family’s mysterious past.

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Cyprus, 2017, 15 min

June 6, 2019 8:30 pm
Spielberg Theatre - Egyptian

the sound still
Director(s): Antony Petrou
Writer(s): Chris Dundon-Smith
Producer(s): Chris Dundon-Smith
Cast: Joseph Mawle, Sienna Guillory, James Hyland, Hanna Saxby

Beth lives a quiet rural life with her parents, on their secluded family farm. When her fragile mother begins to hear a mystery sound that nobody else can hear, Beth becomes obsessed with finding and stopping the mystery of the strange sound.

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