A JAR OF NUTS (Fistikia Aiginis)

Isolated in his apartment, the lonely forty-year-old Giorgos meticulously devises an intricate plan to take his life after his beloved mother chokes to death on a pistachio.
As the day progresses, Giorgos allows excuses, obstacles, and people to hinder his final deadly leap from the balcony, completely oblivious to the true reason behind all his stalling. 

  • 2020, European Independent Film Festival
  • 2019, Tirana Film Festival – Best Balkan Film – Oscar Qualifying
  • 2019, Cyprus International Short Film Festival – Honorary Film Award
  • 2019, Aesthetica Film Festival – BAFTA Qualifying
  • 2019, Athens International Film Festival (Νὐχτες Πρεμιέρας)
  • 2019, Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival
  • 2019, Firenze Film Festival

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In a tram on Route-3, the Old Lady in the leopard dress treats the passengers with juicy oranges during a hot, but rainy day in the center of Sarajevo. Nadja, the princess-teen in her pink hijab; Luka, the virgin bully; an Orthodox Priest; an old creepy man and many, many more ordinary people in this tram have nothing in common, but a juicy slice of orange. All except a shy, yet horny, teenager named Amar.

  • 2020 Clermont Ferrand IFF
  • 2019 Toronto IFF

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A man returns to his country only to find a society where citizens police each other with their mobile phones and where there is more freedom inside prison rather than outside it. Desperate, but unable to escape, the brave act of one woman gives him his freedom.

  • 2019, Santa Fe Independent Film Festival – Jury Prize, Best International Narrative Short
  • 2019, Toronto Shorts International Film Festival – Best Comedy

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Dana is on the run with his family. The boat that will smuggle them to Europe is ready for departure but his son, Alan, refuses to leave the truck. Dana discovers that Alan is stuck with his index finger in the truck body. The panic rises at Dana and in his desperation, he is faced with a terrible choice.

  • 2020, Gothenburg International Film Festival – Audience award for best Swedish short
  • 2019, Drama International Film Festival – Golden Dionysos – Best Greek short film
  • 2019, Athens International Film Festival – Award for Best Script
  • 2019, Les Arcs Film Festival 
  • 2019, Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People

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THE WEIGHT OF THE SEA (To Varos Tis Thalassas)

A teenage girl, in an everyday routine, takes the same old bus from her house to the beach and back again, on her back she carries a small container in which she collects fresh seawater. We won’t have a glimpse of what’s going on until the last moment.

  • 2020, Hellenic Film Academy
  • 2020, Ierapetra IFF
  • 2019, Drama ISFF – Cinematography Honorary Distinction & Leading Actress Honorary Distinction 
  • 2019, Athens International Film Festival Premiere Nights 
  • 2019, Thessaloniki International Film Festival

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Night, national road. Two strangers meet for the first time at an old gas station. One has stopped to gas up his bike, while the other is just stranded. Lacking the 22.50€ he needs to get home, he will try to sell him the distance that separates them from the sky.

  • 2020, Festival du court-métrage de Clermont -Ferrand | Compétition internationale 
  • 2020, Segreteria World Film Festival | Queer Wave Film Festival | 
  • 2019, AFI Fest Festival 
  • 2019, Festival de Cannes | Compétition Court Métrage – Palme d’Or – Queer Palm

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Mila likes to skate. Mila’s father is ill. Mila hasn’t seen her father in five years. “Mila” means “beloved” in Polish. Mila visits her father at the hospital. “Mila” means “speak” in Greek. Mila likes to skate.

Andreas Vakalios was born in Budapest where he spent half of his life’s summers. He studied Digital Arts (MFA) at the Athens School of Fine Arts. He is a Talents Sarajevo Alumnus and a Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artist Fellowship Award recipient. He made his first film when he was twelve. He plans to make his last film when he is ninety-two. He lives and works as a director and a screenwriter in Athens, Greece.

  • 2020, TISFF Thess Int’l Shorts Film Festival
  • 2020, Filmzeitkaufbeuren Film Festival
  • 2020, Paphos Int’l Film Festival 
  • 2019, Drama ISFF – Best Film (The Greek Film Critics Association),
  • The Federation Of Greek Film Clubs – Best Young Cinematographer, The Greek Society Of Cinematographers
  • 2019, Micro Μ Festival – Best Actress, Best Actor
  • 2019, Athens International Film Festival

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In a 24/7 burger place, a man engages in a flirtatious conversation with a woman with no arms, as she uses him to get fed her burger. With each bite, the conversation turns deeper and darker as the woman digs deep into his subconscious with her questioning. 

  • 2020, Prato Film Festival – Best Direction
  • 2019, Aesthetica Short Film Festival
  • 2019, Drama International Short Film Festival
  • 2019, Micro M Festival
  • 2019, Elche International Fantastic Film Festival – FANTAELX Special Mention

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Angie refuses to let her grandfather – an ex-biker who suffers from dementia – be taken to a nursing home for his last days. Just as he is about to go, she locks herself in his room and proceeds to a final act of love.

  • 2020, NDU International Film Festival – Special Jury Mention
  • 2019, Drama ISFF – Best Original Music Score
  • 2019, On the Road Film Festival – Best Short Film 
  • 2019, NYC Greek Film Festival – Jury Award
  • 2019, International Film Festival of Wales – Best Cinematography 
  • 2019, Movievalley Bazzacinema – Best Actress

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DARK SAND (Sable Noir)

Alice, a young woman living in Northern France, finds mysterious tapes with people narrating their nightmares. As she is looking for the sender, the limits between dreams and reality get obscured.

  • 2020, Hellas Film box Berlin
  • 2020, International Short Film Festival – Short to the Point (Best experimental film award)    
  • 2019, Thessaloniki International Film Festival    
  • 2019, International Short Film Festival – Film Front Novi Sad
  • 2019, Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival
  • 2019, Izmir International Short Film Festival  
  • 2019, Athens International Film Festival    
  • 2019, Drama International Film Festival (sound design honorary distinction)   
  • 2019, Cinemondes

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ALL THE FIRES THE FIRE (Oles oi foties i fotia)

Men set birds free in the mountains. Two grieving, estranged brothers try their marksmanship together with their sons. It’s the hunting season. Can a bird’s heart stop in the sky with no bullets coming through its body?

  • 2020, Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, France – Special Jury Award
  • 2020, FEST — New Directors | New Films Festival, Portugal – Special Mention
  • 2020, Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival, Greece
  • 2019, Locarno Festival, Switzerland 
  • 2019, Athens International Film Festival, Greece – Best Performance by Male Actor
  • 2019, Reykjavík International Film Festival, Iceland 
  • 2019, Curta Cinema, Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival

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IN THE ROOM (Sto domatio)

When God is absent, someone has to take his place. In a modern-day urban environment, three characters come together: an old ill man, the young woman who looks after him, and his unemployed middle-aged daughter, all face the fine line that separates ethics and free will. 

  • 2020, Athens Marathon IFF – Best Cinematography, Best Actress – Honorable Mention:  Best Director, Supporting Actor,  Supporting Actress
  • 2020, Tirana International Film Festival
  • 2020, Ierapetra International Festival of Crete – Festival Award
  • 2019, Drama Short Film Fest – G.F.C. Motivation Award
  • 2019, Athens International Film Festival
  • 2019, TiSFF, Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival

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It appears as if it is an ordinary outing to a remote beach: four young women enjoy the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the sea. None of them is ‘Winona’. The day gives way to silly games, girl talk, song, and dance. Laughter is punctuated by tears. The tears washed away by make-believe. Until the day comes to a close and our four heroines must say goodbye. Unassumingly mysterious and deeply moving, WINONA reveals itself with a language of intimacy, woven out of love and grief, and holds on to its heart-wrenching secret till the very end. 

  • 2020, Edinburgh International Film Festival (cancelled due to covid), 
  • 2020, Festival del Cinema Europeo
  • 2020, São Paulo International Film Festival
  • 2019, Warsaw International Film Festival
  • 2019, Thessaloniki International Film Festival
  • 2019, Goes To Cannes, Marche Du Film, Cannes Film Festival

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THE MIRACLE OF THE SARGASSO SEA (To thávma tis thálassas ton Sargassón)

In a small eel-farming town in the west of Greece, two women live solitary lives while dreaming of getting away. Elisabeth is a once-ambitious policewoman forced to relocate from Athens ten years ago and now living a joyless, hung-over life; Rita is the quiet, mysterious sister of a lounge singer in the local disco. When a sudden death upsets the town and turns the local community upside-down, the two women who had been ignoring each other’s existence begin drifting towards each other. As the secrets hidden in the swamps begin to surface, they will have a chance to become each other’s saviours. 

Born in Greece, Syllas Tzoumerkas writes, directs and acts for film and theatre. His first feature film, Homeland, premiered at the Venice Critics’ Week 2010. His second feature film, A Blast, premiered in the International Competition of the Locarno Film Festival 2014. Praised by the international press, his films released in 20 countries, and screened at over 80 festivals around the world. His other film credits include co-writing the script of Argyris Papadimitropoulos’ Suntan and Ahmad Ghossein’s All This Victory and participating as an actor in selected films. 

  • 2019,  Berlinale Panorama – World Premiere

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Inspired by the life of the most prolific Greek female poet and lyricist, Eftihia Papagiannopoulou; an extraordinary woman and artist who has created a massive volume of timeless and popular songs. She traveled from Smyrna to Greece. She lived every day of her life as if it were her last. She wrote incessantly on any surface she could find.
Her name means Happiness but destiny made sure she knew very little of it. She challenged death every day of her life, hoping to ward off its cold, ruthless grip.

Angelos Frantzis was born in Athens and studied film direction at “INSAS” in Brussels. He has made 5 short and 6 feature films. His films have been screened and won awards at many international FF. Besides film directing, Angelos Frantzis has been involved in art projects and has worked as a film critic, and as a cinema teacher.

  • 2020, Greek Film Academy – 9 awards including Best Picture

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THE ROCKET (O Pyravlos)

After being called a liar for years, Stathis is forced to gather all his friends and take them to a “top-secret location,” to prove the existence of a supposed rocket (that only he knows about). If he doesn’t show the rocket, he will lose all his friends. Shot entirely with non-actors over four years, the Rocket tells the true story of the last night of summer 2015.

  • 2019 Thessaloniki International Film Festival

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EXILE (Exoria)

Aris, despairing and desperate, attempts to leave Greece on a barely sea-worthy boat. After being rescued from drowning by the Coast Guard, he now returns as a foreigner in his own ruined country. There he experiences every kind of transgression as an outcast of the system. He steals; he becomes a slave and kills. He tries to survive off the grid. Is this the story of a modern Ulysses or the nightmare of the 21st Century everyman?

Vassilis Mazomenos is a Greek director, writer and producer, as well as a member of both the European Film Academy and the Greek Film Academy. Founder and director of Horme pictures, he is the director of nine feature films and the producer of forty shorts. His films have been presented and awarded in many international festivals.

* 2019, Thessaloniki IFF (two nominations)

* 2019, Panorama of European Cinema IFF (award)

* 2020, Fantasporto IFF

* 2020, London Greek IFF (award)

* 2020, SEE IFF Paris

* 2020, ATHENS MARATHON IFF (award)

* 2020, Ierapetra IFF (awards)

* 2020, Cinefantasy IFF Brazil

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