14th Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

October 1-15, 2020

A JAR OF NUTS (Fistikia Aiginis)

Cyprus/United Kingdom/Greece, 2019, 17 min, North American Premiere

Category: Shorts
A Jar of Nuts Film Still
Director(s): Savvas Stavrou
Writer(s): Savvas Stavrou
Producer(s): Marios Petrondas, Emma Doxiadi
Cast: Makis Papadimitriou, Katerina Latta, Alexandros Mylonas

Isolated in his apartment, the lonely forty-year-old Giorgos meticulously devises an intricate plan to take his life after his beloved mother chokes to death on a pistachio.As the day progresses, Giorgos allows excuses, obstacles, and people to hinder his final deadly leap from the balcony, completely oblivious to the true reason behind all his stalling.  […]

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Greece, 2019, 8 min, West Coast Premiere - NOT IN COMPETITION

Category: Documentaries
Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary Film Still
Director(s): Anton Leach, Jasmine Duthie
Writer(s): Jasmine Duthie
Producer(s): Anton Leach, Jasmine Duthie
Cast: Anastasia Miliou, Thodoris Tsimpidis

Info: The first-of-its-kind refuge with a gold-standard veterinary clinic and rehabilitation centre where dolphins, turtles and seals in need, including dolphins from closing marine parks, can receive long-term rehabilitative care in a natural environment. Archipelagos lnstitute of Marine Conservation presents an introduction to the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary currently under construction on the Greek […]

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Greece/Germany, 2020, 90 min, North American Premiere, Available for streaming in North America Only

Category: Documentaries
Agora II Chained Film Still
Director(s): Yorgos Avgeropoulos
Writer(s): Yorgos Avgeropoulos
Producer(s): Yorgos Avgeropoulos, Anastasia Skoubri
Cast: Alexis Tsipras, Yianis Varoufakis

After the euro and the refugee crises, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic was, for Europe, the third crisis in a row. Chained narrates the five-year story of three successive crises in Europe, having Greece in its epicenter. Starting from 2015, acclaimed filmmaker Yorgos Avgeropoulos witnesses the euro crisis – having unprecedented and exclusive behind-the-scenes […]

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Greece, 2019, 52 min, LA Premiere

Category: Documentaries
Akra Film Still
Director(s): Dimitra Babadima
Writer(s): Dimitra Babadima
Producer(s): Meletis Vaxevanidis, Dimitra Babadima
Cast: Alexandros Zygouris, Spyros Chrisikopoulos

With his dream to put Kastellorizo, the easternmost island of Europe, back on the Greekmap, Spyros Chrysikopoulos, an ultra swimmer falls into the sea to swim140 kilometers, a distance that seems impossible to the common mind. Dimitra Babadima was born in Athens, studied Film & Tv Directing and fell in love with it. Her student […]

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ALL THE FIRES THE FIRE (Oles oi foties i fotia)

Greece, 2019, 24 min, US Premiere

Category: Shorts
All the Fires the Fire Film Still
Director(s): Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis
Writer(s): Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis, Elizampetta Ilia Georgiadou
Producer(s): Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis, Michalis Alexakis
Cast: Nikos Georgakis , Dimitris Xanthopoulos , Thanasis Bratos , Vaggelis Tsimpogiannis

Men set birds free in the mountains. Two grieving, estranged brothers try their marksmanship together with their sons. It’s the hunting season. Can a bird’s heart stop in the sky with no bullets coming through its body?

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AS FAR AS THE SEA (Mechri Ti Thalassa)

Greece, 2019, 108 min, North American Premiere

Category: Documentaries
As Far As the Sea Film Still
Director(s): Marco Gastine
Writer(s): Marco Gastine
Producer(s): Marco Gastine, Eleni Chandrinou, Alexandre Cornu

Victims of serious accidents are hospitalized at the Rehabilitation unit of a major Athenian hospital. Supported by the hospital staff, their families, and ward-mates they try very hard to regain their previous abilities. For several months, they struggle daily, to re-learn basic gestures. Some will regain all their faculties. Others, due to the seriousness of […]

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United Kingdom/Greece, 2019, 19 min, West Coast Premiere

Category: Shorts
Birds with no Legs Film Still
Director(s): Pavlos Stamatis
Writer(s): Pavlos Stamatis
Producer(s): Konstantinos Iordanou
Cast: Leo Gregory, Anabel Kutay, John Ioannou

In a 24/7 burger place, a man engages in a flirtatious conversation with a woman with no arms, as she uses him to get fed her burger. With each bite, the conversation turns deeper and darker as the woman digs deep into his subconscious with her questioning.

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Greece, 2018, 15 min - DOCUMENTARY

Category: Documentaries
Blessings and Vows Film Still
Director(s): Katerina Zacharia
Writer(s): Katerina Zacharia
Producer(s): Katerina Zacharia, Executive Producer: Sharon E. J. Gerstel
Cast: Metaxia Anaplioti

An octogenarian villager, Mrs. Metaxia Anaplioti, kept her vow for 40 years, lighting a candle daily at the 11th-century Byzantine church of Hagioi Theodoroi in Vamvaka, Mani, in Southern Greece. The continuity of customs must be protected much like the territory the church was originally built to protect. A sense of historical continuity is sustained […]

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United Kingdom, 2019, 9 min, West Coast Premiere

Category: Shorts
Chopper Film Still
Director(s): Giorgos Kapsanakis
Writer(s): Giorgos Kapsanakis, Oliver Morriss, Simone Ceresato
Producer(s): Simone Ceresato, Giorgos Kapsanakis
Cast: Eleanor Inglis , Alfred Hoffman, George Dillon

Angie refuses to let her grandfather – an ex-biker who suffers from dementia – be taken to a nursing home for his last days. Just as he is about to go, she locks herself in his room and proceeds to a final act of love.

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Greece, 2019, 95 min, West Coast Premiere

Category: Features
Cosmic Candy Film Still
Director(s): Rinio Dragasaki
Writer(s): Katerina Kaklamani, Rinio Dragasaki
Producer(s): Fenia Cossovitsa
Cast: Maria Kitsou, Maya Pipera

Anna, an eccentric supermarket cashier, lives in Athens, alone in her parent’s big apartment. One day she will be forced to take in the 10-year old girl, from next door, after her father goes missing. At the same time, she will be confronted with her possible dismissal and the overwhelming scenario of a workplace romance. […]

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DARK SAND (Sable Noir)

France/Greece, 2019, 20 min, US Premiere, Available for Streaming in the USA Only

Category: Shorts
Dark Sand Film Still
Director(s): Thanasis Trouboukis
Writer(s): Thanasis Trouboukis
Producer(s): Le Fresnoy - studio national des arts contemporains
Cast: Sara Klimoska, Nicolette Picheral, Julien Bouvard

Alice, a young woman living in Northern France, finds mysterious tapes with people narrating their nightmares. As she is looking for the sender, the limits between dreams and reality get obscured. 2020, Hellas Film box Berlin 2020, International Short Film Festival – Short to the Point (Best experimental film award)     2019, Thessaloniki International Film Festival     […]

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DEFUNCT (Apostratos)

Greece, 2019, 100 min, West Coast Premiere

Category: Features
Defunct Film Still
Director(s): Zacharias Mavroeidis
Writer(s): Zacharias Mavroeidis
Producer(s): Christos V. Konstantakopoulos, Kostas Kefalas
Cast: Mihalis Sarantis, Thanasis Papageorgiou, Yota Festa, Alexandros Mavropoulos, Yiannis Niarros, Akis Sakelariou, Xenia Kalogeropoulou

Following financial ruin, thirty-something bachelor Aris moves into his late grandfather’s house, Aristides, a Greek Army veteran. As Aris reunites with old friends, life in conservative Papagou, the suburb of Army Generals, turns into a wishful new beginning. While rebooting his business and settling in, he inadvertently steps into his grandfather’s “slippers” and old family […]

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France/Greece/Argentina, 2019, 40 min, LA Premiere, Available for streaming in North America Only

Category: Shorts
Electric Swan Film Still
Director(s): Konstantina Kotzamani
Writer(s): Konstantina Kotzamani
Producer(s): Caroline Demopoulos, Victoria Marotta, Maria Drandaki
Cast: Juan Carlos Aduviri, Nelly Prince, Elisa Massino, Nikita Zuckerberg, Susana Pampin

Buildings are not supposed to move. But on Avenida Libertador 2050, a building moves and the ceiling shivers, causing a strange nausea that devours its residents. Those who live on the top are afraid they’ll fall, the ones who live beneath are afraid they’ll drown 2019, Mostra de Venise  2019, Athens International Film Festival 2019, […]

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Greece/UK, 2019, 89 min, Available for Streaming in the USA Only

Category: Features
Entwined Film Still
Director(s): Minos Nikolakakis
Writer(s): John de Holland, Minos Nikolakakis
Producer(s): Minos Nikolakakis, Lilette Botassi
Cast: Prometheus Aleifer, Anastasia-Rafaela Konidi, Kostas Laskos

City doctor Panos relocates to a remote village in order to offer his services to the community. It’s love at first sight when he sets eyes on Danae, who lives in isolation, with a mysterious skin condition. Determined to cure her, Panos will soon discover Danae is not the helpless princess he thought she was […]

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EXILE (Exoria)

Greece, 2019, 110 min, North American Premiere

Category: Features
Exile Film Still
Director(s): Vassilis Mazomenos
Writer(s): Vassilis Mazomenos
Producer(s): Vassilis Mazomenos, Vassilis Alatas
Cast: Stephen Kakavoulis, Dimitris Siganos, Angeliki Karistinou, Katerina Tsasi, Panos Boras

Aris, despairing and desperate, attempts to leave Greece on a barely sea-worthy boat. After being rescued from drowning by the Coast Guard, he now returns as a foreigner in his own ruined country. There he experiences every kind of transgression as an outcast of the system. He steals; he becomes a slave and kills. He […]

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Greece, 2019, 96 min, West Coast Premiere

Category: Features
Fantasia Film Still
Director(s): Alexis Kardaras
Writer(s): Alexis Kardaras
Producer(s): Konstantinos Moriatis, Eleni Kossyfidou
Cast: Rena Morfi, Stelios Mainas, Yannis Stankoglou, Vicky Papadopoulou, Andreas Natsios, Anna Kalaitzidou, Giannis Dalianis, Kallirhoe Miriagkou

Greece, October 1993. Greek Socialist party has just won the elections, television is dominated by trashy entertainment shows, and every night you can escape reality, or display your wealth in bouzouki clubs singing pop hits. Fotini, a young talented singer arrives in Athens to work in an old bouzouki club. The lives of the three […]

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United Kingdom, 2018, 8 min, LA Premiere

Category: Animation
Good Intentions Film Still
Director(s): Anna Mantzaris
Writer(s): Anna Mantzaris, Hugo Vieites Caamaño

After a young woman is responsible for a hit and run, strange and spooky things start to happen… A small thriller about people that are not always the best at making decisions.

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UK/Greece, 2019, 7 min, LA Premiere

Category: Animation
Heatwave Film Still
Director(s): Fokion Xenos
Writer(s): Fokion Xenos & Stella Heath Keir
Producer(s): Priya K Dosanj
Cast: Alexandros Apostolakis

In the midst of a searing heatwave, two little children find a way to cool everyone down! 2019, Annecy International Animated Film Festival – Best of Annecy Kids 2019, Shortlisted for best Student Short Animation, BAFTA LA / Los Angeles, USA 2019, Best Postgraduate Short Animation 2019 Award, Best Sound Design Award, Royal Television Society […]

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Cyprus, 2019, 18 min, West Coast Premiere

Category: Documentaries
I Tony Film Still
Director(s): Argyro Nicolaou, Margaux Fitoussi
Producer(s): Argyro Nicolaou, Minos Papas, Jake Alden Falconer, Margaux Fitoussi
Cast: Tony Moussoulides, Dimitris Chimonas

Tony Moussoulides, once a famous fashion photographer in Swinging Sixties London, and now 85, dreams of creating a Hollywood-style movie based on his career. With the help of two female filmmakers, Tony reenacts—and directs—scenes from his life, including a photoshoot with Andy Warhol and a meeting with John Huston. Tensions mount as Tony’s artistic vision […]

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IN THE ROOM (Sto domatio)

Greece, 2019, 13 min, North American Premiere

Category: Shorts
In the Room Film Still
Director(s): Yeorgia M. Sotirchou
Writer(s): Yeorgia M. Sotirchou
Producer(s): Yeorgia M. Sotirchou, Dimitris Koutsomitsos
Cast: Giorgos Armenis, Romanna Lobach, Serafita Grigoriadou

When God is absent, someone has to take his place. In a modern-day urban environment, three characters come together: an old ill man, the young woman who looks after him, and his unemployed middle-aged daughter, all face the fine line that separates ethics and free will.

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Sweden, 2019, 12 min, North American Premiere

Category: Shorts
Index Film Still
Director(s): Nicolas Kolovos
Writer(s): Nicolas Kolovos
Producer(s): Olle Wirenhed
Cast: Leis Yasin, Zana Penjweni, Ali Al Saidan, Asmaa Al Bayati, Bander Barhawi, Nasim Alatrash, Hussein Al Saidan

Dana is on the run with his family. The boat that will smuggle them to Europe is ready for departure but his son, Alan, refuses to leave the truck. Dana discovers that Alan is stuck with his index finger in the truck body. The panic rises at Dana and in his desperation, he is faced […]

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USA, 2020, 9 min, World Premiere - SHORT FICTION FILM

Category: Shorts
Kaliope Film Still
Director(s): Derek Matarangas
Writer(s): Dimitra Korri
Producer(s): Dimitra Korri, Jorge Garcia
Cast: Dimitra Korri, Yiannis Chrysostomos, Zois Kontos

A singer/songwriter, Kaliope, seeks inspiration while also trying to find love. Film Trailer

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USA, 2019, 42 min, World Premiere - DOCUMENTARY

Category: Documentaries
Kefi Film Still
Director(s): Patti Testerman
Writer(s): Patti Testerman
Producer(s): Peter E. Preovolos, Patti Testerman, Glenn Burris

Passions run high in interviews about an annual competition that brings thousands of Greek kids together on the West Coast for a weekend of folk dancing. Dance footage, music by renowned musicians, and vintage photos and clips are all part of the story about leadership, faith, and keeping traditions alive. Patti is an award-winning copywriter […]

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LABYRYINTH (Lavyrinthos)

Greece, 2019, 75 min, North American Premiere

Category: Documentaries
Labyrinth Film Still
Director(s): Dimitri Athanitis
Writer(s): Dimitri Athanitis
Producer(s): DNA films
Cast: Costas Kazanas

In the heart of Athens, there is another city. A hidden city. Α city living for almost a century and more under the artificial light of neon. It is the labyrinth of arcades.

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Greece, 2020, 25 min, US Premiere

Category: Shorts
Mare Nostrum Film Still
Director(s): Dimitris Anagnostou
Writer(s): Dimitris Anagnostou
Producer(s): Antigoni Rota, Yorgos Zois, Christina Cironi, Antonis Triantafyllou
Cast: Thanassis Dovris, Drosos Skotis, Stathis Apostolou, Aris Balis, Katerina Giannouli, Vassilis Samourkas, Serafeim Radis, David Brown, Penelope Darsaklis, Alex Vangelis

In a vast and desolate coast, around the mid-19thcentury, a group of Grand Tour Voyagers are seeking Arcadia and the ancient ruins, the symbols of an emerging Greek and European identity. More than one century later, the dead body of an unidentified man lies on the same coast. Motionless, almost paralyzed, an anonymous crowd stands […]

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Greece, 2019, 16 min, West Coast Premiere

Category: Shorts
Mila Stills
Director(s): Andreas Vakalios
Producer(s): Phaedra Vokali, Andreas Vakalios, Fili Olsefski
Cast: Efthalia Papacosta, Yorgos Pirpassopoulos, Nikos Tsimaras

Mila likes to skate. Mila’s father is ill. Mila hasn’t seen her father in five years. “Mila” means “beloved” in Polish. Mila visits her father at the hospital. “Mila” means “speak” in Greek. Mila likes to skate.

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Greece/Spain, 2020, 13 min, North American Premiere

Category: Shorts
Moms Movie Film Still
Director(s): Stella Kyriakopoulou
Writer(s): Stella Kyriakopoulou, Marisha Triantafyllidou
Producer(s): Fani Skartouli
Cast: Maria Filini, Sofia Koroni, Ayla Nicole Izzo

Survival, motherhood, and movies all collide in a backyard pool. While proudly filming her 2-year-old daughter’s survival swimming graduation exam in her backyard pool, Maria runs into technical difficulties. You can never be too safe. Especially when it comes to your own backyard.

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Australia, 2019, 45 min, World Premiere - NOT IN COMPETITION

Category: Documentaries
My Greek Odyssey Movie Still
Director(s): Alexander Begetis
Writer(s): David Byrne, Peter Maneas
Producer(s): Peter Maneas
Cast: Peter Maneas

The most significant recent discoveries of marine archaeology-an astonishing find of 58 ancient shipwrecks in the archipelago of Fourni. A landmark documentary series that sees host Peter Maneas unravelling the rich story of the planet’s most historic destinations, Greek Islands. Travelling aboard his boat “Mia Zoi” – ‘OneLife’, Peter explores the diverse history and culture […]

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Greece, 2019, 123 min, LA Premiere, Available for streaming in North America Only

Category: Features
Eftyhia Film Still
Director(s): Angelos Frantzis
Writer(s): Katerina Bei
Producer(s): Dionyssis Samiotis
Cast: Karyofyllia Karampeti, Katia Goulioni, Pygmalion Dadakarides, Dina Michailidou, Thanos Tokakis

Inspired by the life of the most prolific Greek female poet and lyricist, Eftihia Papagiannopoulou; an extraordinary woman and artist who has created a massive volume of timeless and popular songs. She traveled from Smyrna to Greece. She lived every day of her life as if it were her last. She wrote incessantly on any […]

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NOT TO BE UNPLEASANT BUT WE NEED TO HAVE A SERIOUS TALK (De thelo na gino disarestos alla prepei na milisoume gia kati poly sovaro)

Greece, 2019, 100 min, West Coast Premiere

Category: Features
Not to be Unpleasant but We Need to Have a Serious Conversation Film Still
Director(s): Giorgos Georgopoulos
Writer(s): Giorgos Georgopoulos, Maria Fakinou
Producer(s): Antonis Kotzias, Christos V. Konstantakopoulos, Giorgos Georgopoulos, Sotiris Tsafoulias
Cast: Omiros Poulakis, Vangelis Mourikis, Kora Karvouni, Sissy Toumasi, Vicky Papadopoulou

Combining the elements of a road movie and a black comedy, Unpleasant tells the story of a very successful sales manager, Aris, who is going through the most crucial week of his life. Starting from a random blood donation, womanizer Aris finds out he’s carrying a rapidly spread sexually transmitted virus that is lethal for […]

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ONE (Mia)

Greece, 2019, 14 min, North American Premiere

Category: Shorts
One Film Still
Director(s): Stella Serefoglou
Writer(s): Stella Serefoglou, Sakis Serefas
Producer(s): Giorgos Karnavas, Konstantinos Kontovrakis
Cast: Xenia Kalogeropoulou, Grigoris Ballas

An old lady lives alone in a big city. When she meets a young man on the street, she invites him to her place, although she doesn’t know him.  2019, Athens International Film Festival

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Greece, 2019, 6 min

Category: Animation
One Day One Fly Film Still
Director(s): Correct Creative Productions IKE
Writer(s): Petros Niamonitakis
Producer(s): Petros Niamonitakis, Despoina Vogiatzi
Cast: Correct Creative Productions IKE

Our hero is the most adorable 3D fly in the world! Τhe camera follows him from his very first moment of birth.
After all, once upon a time there was a good decent lady who swallowed a fly…..

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Greece, 2019, 23 min

Category: Shorts
Postcards from the End of the World Film Still
Director(s): Konstantinos Antonopoulos
Writer(s): Konstantinos Antonopoulos
Producer(s): Fani Skartouli
Cast: Aggeliki Dimitrakopoulou, Giorgos Gallos

Trapped in their marriage, Dimitra and Dimitris try to endure their summer vacation with their two daughters on a remote island. Unexpectedly, human civilization collapses. Film Trailer

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ROMANIOTES, THE GREEK JEWS OF IOANNINA (Romaniotes, Oi Ellines Evraioi Ton Ioanninon)

Greece, 2019, 67 min, West Coast Premiere

Category: Documentaries
Romaniotes Film Still
Director(s): Stylianos Tatakis, Agnes Sklavou
Writer(s): Agnes Sklavou
Producer(s): Stylianos Tatakis, Cosmote TV
Cast: Moses Elisaf, Raphael Moissis

Romaniotes, the distinct Greek-Jewish community of the city of Ioannina, with customs and traditions different from the Sephardic and Ashkenazis. Even today, for more than 1.000 years, since the Byzantine era, they have been an integral part of the multicultural mosaic of the city of Ioannina, although it was in danger of extinction during World […]

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2019, 13 min, LA premiere

Category: Shorts
Route-3 Film Still
Director(s): Thanasis Neofotistos
Writer(s): Marina Symeou
Producer(s): Dimitris Tsakaleas, Obala Art Center
Cast: Enes Kozličić, Lazar Dragojević, Simonida Mandić

In a tram on Route-3, the Old Lady in the leopard dress treats the passengers with juicy oranges during a hot, but rainy day in the center of Sarajevo. Nadja, the princess-teen in her pink hijab; Luka, the virgin bully; an Orthodox Priest; an old creepy man and many, many more ordinary people in this […]

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Greece, 2019, 15 min, LA Premiere

Category: Shorts
Sad Girl Weekend Film Still
Director(s): Dimitris Tsakaleas, Lida Vartzioti
Writer(s): Dimitris Tsakaleas, Lida Vartzioti
Producer(s): Iro Aidoni, Dimitris Tsakaleas, Maria Laskaridou,Sotiris Petridis
Cast: Elsa Lekakou, Georgina Liossi, Natasa Exidavelono

Three best friends are spending their last weekend together, since the two of them are leaving to study abroad. Sooner or later, they realize that goodbyes are hard.

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Greece/Cyprus, 2019, 83 min, LA Premiere, Available for Streaming in the USA Only

Category: Features
Siege on Liperti Street Film Still
Director(s): Stavros Pamballis
Writer(s): Stavros Pamballis
Producer(s): Panos Papahadzis, Simos Manganis
Cast: Constantine Markoulakis, Daphne Alexander, Akilas Karazisis, Niovi Charalampous

Austerity took everything but the roof over their heads, and today it will come for that too. But today, they will finally fight back, like a family with nothing left to lose… 2019, Thessaloniki International Film Festival – FIPRESCI Prize, PEKK Prize (Greek Federation of Film Critics), FISCHER People’s Choice Award ( Michael Cacoyannis ERT […]

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THE CALL (I Klisi)

United Kingdom, 2020, 10 min, North American Premiere

Category: Shorts
The Call Film Stills
Director(s): Marios Psaras
Writer(s): Marios Psaras, Avgi Lilli
Producer(s): Marios Psaras, Melpo Georgiadou, Antony Petrou
Cast: Nektarios Theodorou

A transgender person receives an invitation to their mother’s funeral; with a caveat.

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USA, 2020, 15 min, World Premiere - SHORT FICTION FILM

Category: Shorts
The Darkness Before Me Film Still
Director(s): Rachael Quinn
Writer(s): Joe DiFrancesco
Producer(s): Adoni Maropis, Eliza Kelley, Shannon Lanier
Cast: Adoni Maropis, Eliza Kelley

Tony, a grown man, suffers from an inexplicable fear of the dark.  Seeking help, he finds himself on the couch of a less than perceptive psychoanalyst.  What’s really haunting Tony?  Does he know?  Can the doctor find it?  Will the doctor find it?  To understand what takes place when the lights go out, one must […]

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Greece/France, 9 min, Available for Streaming in the USA Only

Category: Shorts
The Distance Between Us and the Sky Film Still
Director(s): Vasilis Kekatos
Writer(s): Vasilis Kekatos
Producer(s): Blackbird Production, Tripode Production
Cast: Nikolakis Zeginoglou, Ioko Ioannis Kotidis

Night, national road. Two strangers meet for the first time at an old gas station. One has stopped to gas up his bike, while the other is just stranded. Lacking the 22.50€ he needs to get home, he will try to sell him the distance that separates them from the sky.

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The Dude (O magkas)

Greece, 2019, 17 min

Category: Shorts
The Dude Film Still
Director(s): Alexandros Kakaniaris
Writer(s): Alexandros Kakaniaris
Producer(s): Panos Papadimitriou
Cast: Yiorgos Souxes, Kostis Siradakis, Simeon Tsakiris, Menelaos Hazarakis

Stratis, a 12-year-old boy, is the greatest dude in his ‘hood.
He is such a great dude, that everybody calls him The Dude.
All he has to do is prove himself to those who don’t believe him.

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THE MIRACLE OF THE SARGASSO SEA (To thávma tis thálassas ton Sargassón)

Greece/Germany/Netherlands/Sweden, 2019, 121 min, West Coast Premiere, Available for Streaming in the USA Only

Category: Features
The Miracle of Sargaso Film Still
Director(s): Syllas Tzoumerkas
Writer(s): Youla Boudali, Syllas Tzoumerkas
Producer(s): Maria Drandaki
Cast: Angeliki Papoulia, Christos Passalis, Youla Boudali

In a small eel-farming town in the west of Greece, two women live solitary lives while dreaming of getting away. Elisabeth is a once-ambitious policewoman forced to relocate from Athens ten years ago and now living a joyless, hung-over life; Rita is the quiet, mysterious sister of a lounge singer in the local disco. When […]

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United States, 2019, 70 min - DOCUMENTARY

Category: Documentaries
The New Greek Americans Film Still
Director(s): Anna Giannotis
Writer(s): Anna Giannotis
Producer(s): Antonia Lianos, Shelly Papadopoulos, Harry Ratner, Zoye Marino Fidler
Cast: Olympia Dukakis

The story begins with Greek Americans during the ‘60s embracing these changing times despite their conservative upbringings. Each decade influences the Greek community with events such as the Invasion of Cyprus and the nomination of Michael S. Dukakis for President of the United States. Heartfelt and humorous stories are also shared reflecting “Growing up Greek.”  Second […]

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THE ROCKET (O Pyravlos)

Greece, 2019, 98 min, North American Premiere

Category: Features
The Rocket Film Still
Director(s): Stefanos Sitaras
Writer(s): Stefanos Sitaras
Producer(s): Stefanos Sitaras
Cast: Aris Mavropoulos, Stathis Arfariotis, Anne-Marie Lezineau, Mariety Papatheodorou

After being called a liar for years, Stathis is forced to gather all his friends and take them to a “top-secret location,” to prove the existence of a supposed rocket (that only he knows about). If he doesn’t show the rocket, he will lose all his friends. Shot entirely with non-actors over four years, the […]

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THE WEIGHT OF THE SEA (To Varos Tis Thalassas)

Greece, 2019, 17 min, World Premiere

Category: Shorts
The Weight of the Sea Film Still
Director(s): Kostis Alevizos
Writer(s): Kostis Alevizos
Producer(s): George Frentzos
Cast: Sissy Toumasi, Vasilis Koutsogiannis, Spyros Foteinopoulos

A teenage girl, in an everyday routine, takes the same old bus from her house to the beach and back again, on her back she carries a small container in which she collects fresh seawater. We won’t have a glimpse of what’s going on until the last moment.

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United States, 2020, 57 min, World Premiere - DOCUMENTARY

Category: Documentaries
The Woodern Heart Film Still
Director(s): Chris Emmanouilides
Writer(s): Chris Emmanouilides
Producer(s): Chris Emmanouilides

The selling of a family home after 53 years in Southern California inspires an intimate and emotional journey through immigration, the American Dream, and the deeply shared human experience of letting go. Reflecting on the objects, documents, memories, and images that made up a family’s life during the zenith of post-war prosperity and optimism, The Wooden […]

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Greece, 2019, 53 min, US Premiere

Category: Documentaries
Tied Film Still
Director(s): Tassos Morfis
Producer(s): Tassos Morfis

TIED is the story of an unknown modern labor struggle from the innermost depths of the Greek maritime industry. A country near bankruptcy. A maritime company in financial collapse. TIED captures the struggle of 320 unpaid seamen of the Lesvos Shipping Company in 2015. With many trapped in the company’s vessels in Drapetsona and away […]

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Australia, 2019, 15 min

Category: Shorts
Utopia Film Still
Director(s): Kosta Nikas
Writer(s): Kosta Nikas
Producer(s): Aaron Bush, Kosta Nikas, Rishi Shukla
Cast: Magdalena Stamos, Adam Hatzimanolis, Will Gabriel, Barbara Gouskos

A man returns to his country only to find a society where citizens police each other with their mobile phones and where there is more freedom inside prison rather than outside it. Desperate, but unable to escape, the brave act of one woman gives him his freedom.

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Greece, 2019, 5 min, LA Premiere

Category: Animation
Violent Equations Movie Still
Director(s): Antonis Doussias
Writer(s): Antonis Doussias
Producer(s): Antonis Doussias

Dare not to be different.
A totalitarian society forces unequal things to become equal.
Ignorance creates fear and envy brings violence.
Average person’s feeble mentality rules by any means.
Inspired by the art of Costis Georgiou.

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United Kingdom, 2018, 15 min, North American Premiere

Category: Documentaries
Wax and Feathers Still
Director(s): Marios Lizides
Writer(s): Marios Lizides
Producer(s): Marios Lizides
Cast: Andreas Kyriakides, Kyriaki Lizidou, Soteroula Lizidou, Stephanie Ioannou, Marios Lizides

Even though dad passed away thirty years ago, the last time I saw him was one year ago, in a dream I had. This film is a metaphysical conversation with an apparition, a construct of dreams and memories that raises questions of identity, memory, and existence.

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Greece, 2019, 88 min, North American Premiere

Category: Features
Winona Film Still
Director(s): Alexandros Voulgaris (aka The Boy)
Writer(s): Alexandros Voulgaris (aka The Boy)
Producer(s): Eleni Bertes
Cast: Iro Bezou, Anthi Efstratiadou, Sofia Kokkali, Daphne Patakia

It appears as if it is an ordinary outing to a remote beach: four young women enjoy the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the sea. None of them is ‘Winona’. The day gives way to silly games, girl talk, song, and dance. Laughter is punctuated by tears. The tears washed away by […]

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Y1-SILENCE OF THE DEEP (Υ1-Sti siopi tou Vithou)

Greece, 2019, 93 min, US Premiere

Category: Documentaries
Silence of the Deep Film Still
Director(s): Philippos Vardakas
Writer(s): Magda Georgiadou
Producer(s): Stelios Efstathopoulos

WW II,14.09.1943: The legendary Greek Submarine “Y1-L. Katsonis” sank north of the island of Skiathos by German submarine chaser. 75 years later we film for the first time the submarine at a depth of 253m, presenting the human stories that are woven around it

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Greece, 2019, 92 min, West Coast Premiere

Category: Features
Zizotek Film Still
Director(s): Vardis Marinakis
Writer(s): Vardis Marinakis, Spyros Kribalis
Producer(s): Konstantinos Vasilaros
Cast: Dimitris Xanthopoulos, Pinelopi Tsilika, August Lambrou- Negrepontis

After nine-year-old Jason is abandoned by his mother at a folk festival, he takes refuge in a cabin in the middle of the forest belonging to a mute loner named Minas. Although at first, the man won’t take him in, a series of circumstances eventually lead them to form a family – something both of […]

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