United Kingdom/Greece, 2019, 19 min, West Coast Premiere

Category: Shorts
Director(s): Pavlos Stamatis
Writer(s): Pavlos Stamatis
Producer(s): Konstantinos Iordanou
Cast: Leo Gregory, Anabel Kutay, John Ioannou

In a 24/7 burger place, a man engages in a flirtatious conversation with a woman with no arms, as she uses him to get fed her burger. With each bite, the conversation turns deeper and darker as the woman digs deep into his subconscious with her questioning. 

  • 2020, Prato Film Festival – Best Direction
  • 2019, Aesthetica Short Film Festival
  • 2019, Drama International Short Film Festival
  • 2019, Micro M Festival
  • 2019, Elche International Fantastic Film Festival – FANTAELX Special Mention

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