Sweden, 2019, 12 min, North American Premiere

Category: Shorts
Director(s): Nicolas Kolovos
Writer(s): Nicolas Kolovos
Producer(s): Olle Wirenhed
Cast: Leis Yasin, Zana Penjweni, Ali Al Saidan, Asmaa Al Bayati, Bander Barhawi, Nasim Alatrash, Hussein Al Saidan

Dana is on the run with his family. The boat that will smuggle them to Europe is ready for departure but his son, Alan, refuses to leave the truck. Dana discovers that Alan is stuck with his index finger in the truck body. The panic rises at Dana and in his desperation, he is faced with a terrible choice.

  • 2020, Gothenburg International Film Festival – Audience award for best Swedish short
  • 2019, Drama International Film Festival – Golden Dionysos – Best Greek short film
  • 2019, Athens International Film Festival – Award for Best Script
  • 2019, Les Arcs Film Festival 
  • 2019, Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People

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