Nikos lives in the attic of the family’s tailor shop. When the bank threatens to repossess the shop and his father fall sill, Nikos takes action: with a wondrously strange tailor shop on wheels, he reinvents himself while bringing style and confidence to the women of Athens.

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Being Present

Whilst still healing from the wounds caused by the ten year long economic disaster, Greece has to confront the biggest public health crisis of recent history. Against the backdrop of a disintegrated public health sector, the prominent protagonists managing the pandemic are entangled with the stories of its invisible heroes. Political decisions and behind-the-scenes manipulations are closely observed and juxtaposed with the struggles of the people who bear the brunt of this new crisis. Observing for one year the experience of his homeland, Avgeropoulos manages to capture a universal reality and poses critical questions about the post-Covid era the world is entering.

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Green Sea

ANNA has lost her memory, but she hasn’t forgotten how to cook. One night she appears in a working class neighborhood by a Greek harbor. There she meets the unpredictable loner ROULA and finds work and hospitality at his humble tavern. In the kitchen, amidst the scents of spices, and old forgotten recipes, she struggles to reconstruct her past. Her simple but delicious food awakens memories for the regulars who in turn help her to reconnect with herself. The story then takes an unexpected turn when Roula suddenly stumbles upon the GREEN SEA, and discovers Anna’s true identity.

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Seven Minutes of Soul

Seven minutes of soul is a sports documentary that follows Panos Vlahos’s journey to investigate the conditions under which the first modern olympic games in Athens (1896) took place and debunk the myth of the very first marathon winner in history. In the first olympic marathon race in history, in the 1896 Athens Olympics, a young water carrier by the name Spyros Louis was the first runner to cross the finish line after having run another marathon 5 days prior to the race. . Actor Panos Vlahos sets out to reenact his achievement in order to shed light to this unprecedented achievement . After a series of medical and physical tests, interviews and unseen footage, Panos discovers extraordinary findings, historic documents and testimonies that shed new light on the sport and reveals what actually happened.

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Greece 1986-1987, a little before the fall of State Socialism and just at the end of the Cold War. In front of Anthi’s eyes the country is changing, the world is changing and with them Christos seems to be changing too.

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The Secretary General for Public Diplomacy and Greeks Abroad, Prof. John Chrysoulakis, Welcomes You to LAGFF 2020

Cyprus Flag

We are honored to have the Secretary General for Public Diplomacy and Greeks Abroad, Prof. John Chrysoulakis, officially welcome the opening of our 14th virtual LAGFF. We are thankful and appreciative, in times like these, of the support and recognition that our language, our culture, our arts are bringing together all Hellenes and are making us stronger.  


Austerity took everything but the roof over their heads, and today it will come for that too. But

today, they will finally fight back, like a family with nothing left to lose…

  • 2019, Thessaloniki International Film Festival – FIPRESCI Prize, PEKK Prize (Greek Federation of Film Critics), FISCHER People’s Choice Award ( Michael Cacoyannis ERT Award), First Award (3.000 Euro) People’s Choice Award, Second Award (2.000 Euro) Fipresci Price

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AS FAR AS THE SEA (Mechri Ti Thalassa)

Victims of serious accidents are hospitalized at the Rehabilitation unit of a major Athenian hospital. Supported by the hospital staff, their families, and ward-mates they try very hard to regain their previous abilities. For several months, they struggle daily, to re-learn basic gestures. Some will regain all their faculties. Others, due to the seriousness of their injuries, will not; they will therefore have to confront the challenge of accepting their handicap. Filmed from the point of view of four patients with mobility issues, the film explores the antinomy between hope and acceptance, one of the basic dilemmas of human existence.

  • 2020, Ierapetra Int. Doc Film Fest – Festival Award
  • 2020, Berlin Greek Box
  • 2019, Thessaloniki Doc Film Fest
  • 2019, Athens Int. Film Fest

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Greece, October 1993. Greek Socialist party has just won the elections, television is dominated by trashy entertainment shows, and every night you can escape reality, or display your wealth in bouzouki clubs singing pop hits. Fotini, a young talented singer arrives in Athens to work in an old bouzouki club. The lives of the three musicians will change forever.

“Fantasia” brings to the screen the culture of bouzoukia, this unique Greek celebration of the good life. Moreover, it depicts the carefreeness, the abundance, and the euphoria of the Athenian nights of the early 90s as also draws its inspiration from the Greek urban-folk music scene. It’s a homage to Greece’s urban-folk music tradition and a farewell to the old school of folk songwriting.

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Tony, a grown man, suffers from an inexplicable fear of the dark.  Seeking help, he finds himself on the couch of a less than perceptive psychoanalyst.  What’s really haunting Tony?  Does he know?  Can the doctor find it?  Will the doctor find it?  To understand what takes place when the lights go out, one must pay close attention while they’re still on.

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An octogenarian villager, Mrs. Metaxia Anaplioti, kept her vow for 40 years, lighting a candle daily at the 11th-century Byzantine church of Hagioi Theodoroi in Vamvaka, Mani, in Southern Greece. The continuity of customs must be protected much like the territory the church was originally built to protect. A sense of historical continuity is sustained as much by the pastiche of various historical periods in the building of the church, as by village memory, belief, imagination and narrative. 

  • 2020, Inca Imperial International Film Festival, Lima, Perú – Best Short Documentary
  • 2020, Bridges International Film Festival of Peloponnese – Best Short Documentary
  • 2019, Symi International Film Festival – The Georgio Voyatsis Special Jury Award
  • 2019, Grecanica International Film Festival, Calabria, Italy – Best Documentary
  • 2018, Festigious Los Angeles Film Competition – Best Documentary for December
  • 2018, Eurasia International Film Festival – Best Documentary (under 40 mins)

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The selling of a family home after 53 years in Southern California inspires an intimate and emotional journey through immigration, the American Dream, and the deeply shared human experience of letting go. Reflecting on the objects, documents, memories, and images that made up a family’s life during the zenith of post-war prosperity and optimism, The Wooden Heart is a moving testament of love, a requiem to a place and time, and a profound and gradual acceptance of the grief of losing all that was once known as home.

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The story begins with Greek Americans during the ‘60s embracing these changing times despite their conservative upbringings. Each decade influences the Greek community with events such as the Invasion of Cyprus and the nomination of Michael S. Dukakis for President of the United States. Heartfelt and humorous stories are also shared reflecting “Growing up Greek.”  Second and third generations display their active participation in their beloved ancestral heritage, but is it enough to keep Greek culture alive in America?  Olympia Dukakis is our on-camera host and narrator. This project is produced by the Greek Heritage Society of Southern California.

  • 2020 Thessaloniki Documentary Festival  
  • 2020 London Greek Film Festival
  • 2019 NYC Greek Film Festival

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Passions run high in interviews about an annual competition that brings thousands of Greek kids together on the West Coast for a weekend of folk dancing. Dance footage, music by renowned musicians, and vintage photos and clips are all part of the story about leadership, faith, and keeping traditions alive.

Patti is an award-winning copywriter and creative director who writes scripts and storyboards for corporate marketing videos develops content for digital marketing platforms, directs photo/video shoots, and edits fiction and non-fiction books. She has completed two feature-length screenplays.“Kefi” is her first documentary where she interviewed more than 40 individuals to capture the amazing story of the Greek Orthodox Folk Dance Festival, 

  • 2020, Golden State Film Festival – Best Score Short Documentary 
  • 2020, London Greek Film Festival Semi-Finalist 
  • 2020, Private, invitation-only screening at San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts

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Buildings are not supposed to move. But on Avenida Libertador 2050, a building moves and the ceiling shivers, causing a strange nausea that devours its residents. Those who live on the top are afraid they’ll fall, the ones who live beneath are afraid they’ll drown

  • 2019, Mostra de Venise 
  • 2019, Athens International Film Festival
  • 2019, Reykjavik International Film Festival
  • 2019, Valdivia International Film Festival -Special Jury Price, Audience Award
  • 2019, Janela de Cinema do Recife, Brésil, novembre – Honorable Mention
  • 2019, Thessaloniki Film Festival
  •  2019, La Cabina International Film Festival – Best Medium-Length Film, Best Performance in a Leading Role, Best Performance in a Supporting Role, Best Artistic Direction and Best Direction
  • 2019, Short Film Festival ZUBROFFKA  – 1st Award in the Whole Wide World Competition
  • 2019, SFCC Critics’ Award – Best Short Film of the Year 2019
  • 2020, Clermont-Ferrand IFF
  • 2020, Torino Underground Cinefest  – Best Director 
  • 2020, International Festival Signs of the Night, Bangkok  – MAIN AWARD in the International Competition of Short Films
  • 2020, Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival
  • 2020, Scene It Awards – Scene from film Award Winner
  • 2020, Brussels International Film Festival (BRIFF)

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Survival, motherhood, and movies all collide in a backyard pool. While proudly filming her 2-year-old daughter’s survival swimming graduation exam in her backyard pool, Maria runs into technical difficulties. You can never be too safe. Especially when it comes to your own backyard.

  • 2019, Locarno 
  • 2019, Leeds
  • 2019, BogoShorts
  • 2019, Signes Du Nuit 

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In a vast and desolate coast, around the mid-19thcentury, a group of Grand Tour Voyagers are seeking Arcadia and the ancient ruins, the symbols of an emerging Greek and European identity. More than one century later, the dead body of an unidentified man lies on the same coast. Motionless, almost paralyzed, an anonymous crowd stands numb and stares

  • 2020, Vienna Shorts
  • 2020, Drama International Short Film Festival

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