Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2019, 13 min, LA premiere

Category: Shorts
Director(s): Thanasis Neofotistos
Writer(s): Marina Symeou
Producer(s): Dimitris Tsakaleas, Obala Art Center
Cast: Enes Kozličić, Lazar Dragojević, Simonida Mandić

In a tram on Route-3, the Old Lady in the leopard dress treats the passengers with juicy oranges during a hot, but rainy day in the center of Sarajevo. Nadja, the princess-teen in her pink hijab; Luka, the virgin bully; an Orthodox Priest; an old creepy man and many, many more ordinary people in this tram have nothing in common, but a juicy slice of orange. All except a shy, yet horny, teenager named Amar.

  • 2020 Clermont Ferrand IFF
  • 2019 Toronto IFF

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