Greece, 2019, 98 min, North American Premiere

Category: Features
Director(s): Stefanos Sitaras
Writer(s): Stefanos Sitaras
Producer(s): Stefanos Sitaras
Cast: Aris Mavropoulos, Stathis Arfariotis, Anne-Marie Lezineau, Mariety Papatheodorou

After being called a liar for years, Stathis is forced to gather all his friends and take them to a “top-secret location,” to prove the existence of a supposed rocket (that only he knows about). If he doesn’t show the rocket, he will lose all his friends. Shot entirely with non-actors over four years, the Rocket tells the true story of the last night of summer 2015.

  • 2019 Thessaloniki International Film Festival

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